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Widex launches SmartRIC device for natural hearing

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The new hearing aid’s L-shaped design positions the microphones to better capture speech.

Widex has launched the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid, a device designed to enhance natural hearing. The L-shaped design of the device positions the microphones to better capture speech and align with the wearer’s listening focus. Said to be Widex’s longest-lasting rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid, Widex SmartRIC offers up to 37 hours of use on a single charge.

Widex marketing vice-president Alan Raffauf said the new device reflects the company’s commitment to delivering undistorted, pure, natural sound in every situation for every wearer. Raffauf noted that the improved microphone angle of the device allows wearers to focus on the voices and sounds they want to hear. It also reduces background noise.

He commented: “By rethinking the way sound is captured in a hearing aid, we’re helping wearers enjoy a more engaged life, a life where they hear more naturally and feel more connected in any listening situation.”

Widex SmartRIC features new microphone inlets that reduce wind and touch noise and comes with Widex’s first-ever portable charging solution. The fast-charging case can fully charge the hearing aids in four hours or provide eight hours of use with a 30-minute charge. It offers five full charges and is designed for easy portability. Built on Widex’s PureSound with ZeroDelay technology platform, Widex SmartRIC will be available this month in five premium colours.

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