Daniel Donker

Partner | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

“My many years of experience in the market help me properly assess what a good candidate looks like and what behavioural characteristics are involved.”


After my active football career, I graduated from the Johan Cruyff Academy in 2009 and started in a business development role for an IT company. I first came into contact with Life Sciences recruitment in 2013, specifically in the Benelux Biotech market. After being part of a successful start-up, I wanted to gain international experience and was responsible for setting up the Benelux market at a Biotech recruitment organization in London.

I’ve also been part of various international projects. Through some very interesting experiences within HR, Internal Recruitment, and IT Recruitment, I’ve come full circle and now fully focus on the European Biotech market within QTC Recruitment.

Real Impact

To me, the great thing about recruitment, and Life Sciences recruitment in particular, is ensuring that crucial positions within an organization are filled by the right people. It’s fantastic to see that ‘your candidates’ have a real impact and help take Biotech organizations to the next level in their development. As a result, medical solutions reach those in need as quickly as possible, saving lives in the process.

Thanks to my experiences at various recruitment organizations in the field of internal recruitment, I have now consciously chosen QTC Recruitment, mainly because of our service model. There is an absolute focus on delivering quality in combination with a high level of efficiency. If you’re a consultant who has worked in a market for a long time, you will have developed a strong focus on niche segments, allowing you to add value to your customers and candidates.

Strategic Partner

I believe that our focus on niche segments is very important because it provides insight into the market dynamics. This helps you understand the situations organizations and candidates face. In turn, this means you can respond quickly and think proactively. All this enables you to be a strong strategic partner for organizations regarding one of their most important agenda items: hiring the right talent to take the organization further.

All the core values of QTC Recruitment appeal to me and are important to me. Personally, I think I can distinguish myself by ‘acting as partner’ in combination with a high level of energy. My many years of experience in the market help me properly assess what a suitable professional looks like in the current market and which behavioral characteristics are involved. Additionally, that experience helps me develop my market knowledge, allowing me to interact quickly, efficiently, and proactively with organizations."

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