Eleni Kyriakou

Senior Consultant

"Creating value in the Life Sciences sector requires immersing in the industry"


“With a bachelor’s in social sciences and a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour, I launched my career in Human Resources, where my passion for recruitment blossomed. Pairing the right talent and nurturing long-term engagement fuelled my enthusiasm. This enthusiasm is what drew me to QTC Recruitment. They have a specialised and dedicated approach and are actively engaging in the process to deliver exceptional results while keeping both clients and candidates informed. Our team, comprised of versatile and professional experts, adapts strategies to seamlessly align with market changes, providing World-Class services.

My role as a Senior Consultant at QTC Recruitment is to act as the bridge between professionals and clients in the Food Sciences sector. I particularly value efficiency, recognising that the smooth operation of an organisation hinges on the effectiveness of its workforce. Introducing the wrong element can lead to a noticeable decline in performance.

For me, creating value in the Life Sciences sector requires immersing myself in the industry, maintaining constant communication with top professionals, and understanding our clients impact on their respective fields. Through these efforts, I ensure that clients receive the quality they deserve.

Core value

The core value of ‘partnership’ at QTC Recruitment holds particular significance for me. I believe in embracing a partnership approach, actively contributing to the realisation of client objectives. Simultaneously, I strive to establish a circle of trust with candidates, creating an environment akin to interviewing with an internal team member.”

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