Kevin Le Noble

Senior Consultant | MedTech & Diagnostics

“Understanding content and complexity on both sides and linking organisations to talent is what I stand for as a recruiter.”

"Ever since I was young man, I’ve been engaged in commercial positions. During my studies, I started to focus on the more technical and creative side. When I discovered that I could perfectly combine these two skills in recruitment, I just went for it.

The great thing about recruitment is that it enriches your life with lots of people, knowledge and various economic subjects. You obtain new knowledge from every candidate you speak to. You then absorb that knowledge and pass it on.

Natural interest

Some professionals feel they aren’t always understood by recruiters. I’ve been aware of this problem ever since I started at QTC Recruitment. Each day, I work hard to truly understand people from a technical point of view. My natural interest in technology and development means I’ve become really good at this. Connecting MedTech organisations to talent, by understanding content and complexity on both sides. That’s what I stand for as a recruiter.

To me, Creating Value in Life Science means enabling organisations and talent to develop their full potential. Making sure people enjoy their jobs is important; contributing to a company where you can make a difference is truly rewarding. Personally, I get a lot of satisfaction from the fact that I’m contributing to developments in healthcare.


‘Act as partner’ is the core value that suits me the most. Creating value with transparent communication that enables partnerships, that last a lifetime."

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