Maceo Cloodt

Senior Consultant | Food, Feed & Plant (Sciences)

"The unique concept ensures we find good matches for every Life Science job"

"Before I joined QTC Recruitment I was working at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for 10 years. For the last 6 years, I was a supervisor and was responsible for the security check of all passengers that depart from Amsterdam. Next to the operational aspect of my job I also managed my own team where I monitored team performance and conducted regular evaluations to ensure objectives are met.

As supervisor, I was also responsible for interviewing and training new employees. Besides this, I interviewed employees that were going for a promotion to a leadership role. I always got a really rewarding feeling when I saw that I made a good match for a person that went to the next step in their career. Those moments were the beginning of my interest in recruitment which grew over the years which lead to my decision to pursue a career in recruitment.

Rewarding incentives

When I started my job search for a role in recruitment, I found QTC Recruitment through LinkedIn. After having a short meeting with Talent Acquisition, I got offered a great traineeship where I had the opportunity to truly develop myself in the role of a recruiter. QTC Recruitment has also rewarding incentives. For me, it shows that the company takes good care of the employees. This in combination with the unique concept we use ensures we find good matches for every job in the Life Science market. Good reasons for me to choose QTC Recruitment.

QTC Recruitment is helping companies that are operating within the Food, Feed and Plant Science industry by getting them the best talents. These companies are working very hard to ensure our food meets quality standards, becomes healthier or, even contributes to the prevention of global food shortages. My contribution by finding these talents to such an important industry is what Creating value in Life Science means to me.

Best decisions

Out of the four core values I value ‘we are World-Class’ the most. As a recruiter, it's my job to make sure that organisations and professionals get all the information they need to make the best decisions. QTC Recruitment‘s unique approach in this process ensures that I find the best-fitting candidate for the job. Doing this daily makes me feel “World-Class”.

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