Miriam Peitersen

Principal Consultant | Nordics

“I love recruitment because I help clients to find the right candidate and help candidates to find their next career opportunity.”

I have a master’s degree in Business Administration and Psychology from Copenhagen Business School from 2014. After I finished my studies, I worked in HR and psychology for a couple of years, and in 2017 I made a switch to recruitment. Primarily, I have worked as an external recruitment consultant since then.

Since my studies I have known that I love to understand different personality types and get an understanding of what makes people happy at their jobs – recruitment gives you an opportunity to explore this. I also love recruitment because I get to talk to people on a daily basis and help clients find the right candidate, or candidates their next career opportunity.


I decided to work at QTC Recruitment for many reasons, but mostly because we focus on quality over quantity both when talking to the candidates and clients. I also like that we are specialised within the Life Science industry because it is a field, I have always found very interesting. Both clients and candidates are very talented and intelligent, so I always learn something new, which I love.

Creating Value in Life Science to me means helping some of the most important and valuable companies in the world to perform at their best. Recruitment and finding the right talent fast are crucial to Life Science companies - finding their most valuable assets is to me creating immense amount of value in Life Science.

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