Sander Westerhout

Consultant | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

“I want to offer clients and professionals what they truly appreciate”.

Before I joined QTC Recruitment, I had several side jobs in addition to school. I have worked for over 3 years in a high-end fashion and costume store where I advised clients best fitting products. I also had a job as an all-round employee at an entertainment company. The common thread in these two jobs is that both are focused on fulfilling the needs of customers in the best possible way. I enjoyed these jobs that I got to meet new people every day.

To develop

My connection to recruitment is that I enjoy meeting new people, getting to know their stories and guiding them to get what they want. This all comes together nicely in recruitment. I can focus on discovering new people and discovering what drives them to ultimately help them grow and develop their career.

The foundation on which QTC Recruitment is built appeals to me. The organisation saw that the usual methods were not fully aligned with the customer's needs. They decided to invest to challenge the status quo. This is something I like within an organisation; not just doing what we usually do but discovering the new and constantly evolving.

Sincerely appreciate

Creating value in Life Science means to me that my energy will strengthen the Life Science industry. I want to make sure that I can offer clients, professionals, or colleagues something they truly appreciate.

When I must choose which core value suits me best, I find it very difficult to select just one. To me they are all connected. From a personal perspective, I think World-Class describes me best. I always strive for the best and constantly think about how to stay on top of the game. In addition, I think 'act as partner' is very important. I believe it is crucial to build a long-term relationship. This means you must go the extra mile to ensure a solid relationship.

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