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“QTC Recruitment is persistent in working goals!”

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Krestine Frandsen, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager of AGC Biologics, talks about her experience regarding the collaboration with QTC Recruitment: “AGC Biologics grew a lot the past year. To give you an idea, when I started in March 2020, we had approximately 400 employees. Currently, the organisation exists of 780 employees.”

Struggling with difficult profiles

“AGC Biologics is on a growth journey, and we are in need of some very specialistic profiles. Those professionals are quite scarce in the industry. For that reason, we decided to start working with agencies that could assist us in the search. However, it was a real struggle for them too. Around that time, we met Hans Dijkstra and after a few conversations, we decided to let QTC Recruitment search for one of our more difficult profiles.”

Bumps along the way

“To be honest this process didn’t go without setbacks. In the beginning QTC Recruitment faced some difficulties regarding communication with the candidates and salary expectations. However, our belief was that they would manage to find that needle in the haystack. And that’s what they did in the end. Because of how this process went and the positive result, we gave QTC Recruitment the opportunity to assist us in other positions as well.”

Persistent with goals

“Regarding the other processes, it was really clear that it’s a candidate driven market. Although we saw a lot of candidates, we were not yet able to make the hire. Nevertheless, QTC Recruitment showed that they are persistent in working towards the set goals. They showed they don’t just give up when the process of finding the right candidate is hard.”

Knowledge of the market

“What I much appreciated was the knowledge QTC Recruitment has of the market. We always had a good dialogue, and they are well aware of what is broadly going on in the industry. Besides, the communication was very clear and efficient. To me, those were very important aspects to decide to work together and to let QTC Recruitment assist us in other positions as well.”

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