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“QTC Recruitment offers unique method for complex functions”

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“When I joined Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) there was one very complex function open. BMS has been working with QTC Recruitment for some time. QTC Recruitment was also pre-selecting for this position. I decided to start working together and immediately came into contact with one of the Consultants.” Paul – Site Quality Head at BMS on the partnership with QTC Recruitment.

Out of the box

“After this function was filled, a number of complex positions opened up at BMS. Initially, the intention was that we would fill it in ourselves. However, after a while we noticed that there was little or no growth for these functions. I again decided to enlist QTC Recruitment to fill these positions. My hope was that they would have an out of the box method to find and bind these professionals to us. This has been successful beyond my expectations.

Clear process

I was very pleased with the speed, diversity, communication and coordination. QTC Recruitment takes a really good look at the profile that a professional must have to fit the function and the organization well. During the pre-screening, the Consultant maps out very well who has which skills, but also who still needs to grow in what areas in order to fit the function perfectly. This gave me a good picture from the start. It is nice to have many profiles to choose from as a customer.

Crucial functions

If I now look at the team I have, there is a large number of professionals who would not have been in this place without QTC Recruitment. It is therefore about the crucial functions, without which BMS and the Quality team specifically cannot run. These people make a lot of impact within the organization and QTC Recruitment has therefore also had a major impact on BMS. The most difficult positions within the team have now been filled and this means that there is a good and solid team.

Long term relationship

The difference I notice between QTC Recruitment and other recruiters is that QTC Recruitment doesn't want to push. They really look closely at what BMS needs and how they can help. Even if this means that interim professionals are needed, they have a team that can help BMS with that. All in all, working with QTC Recruitment is very pleasant because they have a professional and functional attitude and also communicate well and quickly. All this together has ensured that QTC Recruitment and BMS have been able to build a long-term relationship together and I will certainly reach out to QTC Recruitment again in the future to fill positions at BMS.”

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