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“Our collaboration with QTC Recruitment has been nothing short of exceptional”

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“When we needed to build our Dutch office, we were looking for a suitable recruitment agency to work with. We were searching for a partner that knew a lot about the labour market in our field”. Jun, Chief Executive Officer at MCLS Europe, shares his experience with QTC Recruitment.

“Our situation was that we were looking for a Business Development Manager and a Business Development Specialist to add to our Dutch office. We considered various recruitment organizations, including those specializing in executive roles or focusing solely on Japanese employees who wanted to work in the Netherlands. However, our requirement was for local Dutch professionals. I reached out to QTC Recruitment, and after a swift meeting, it became clear that their approach aligned well with our needs.

The decision to work with QTC Recruitment was driven by their effective communication, expertise in the field, and the personal touch brought by their team. After the first meeting, I was reassured that QTC Recruitment could deliver positive results. I was really happy with the consultant's work in the first process, so I decided to work with QTC Recruitment again for the second process. The existing relationship and mutual understanding made it easier for us to identify candidates who truly align with our company culture.

Regarding the recruitment process duration, I only have positive remarks. QTC Recruitment provided a clear overview from the beginning, ensuring transparency and setting realistic expectations. Communications were fast and effective throughout the process. Also, the quality of the candidates, considering the competitive labour market, was satisfying when several options were presented. The challenging task was choosing among several qualified candidates.

The impact of QTC Recruitment on Mitsubishi Life Sciences Europe has been substantial, considering our relatively small team. The two placements made a significant difference in our organisation of nine, and we continue to work closely with QTC Recruitment on various fronts.

In conclusion, our collaboration with QTC Recruitment has been nothing short of exceptional, resulting in two successful placements. Their strengths lie in their effective communication, transparent processes, and a genuine understanding of our organizational needs. They have proven to be a valuable partner, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and understanding the challenges of our industry. I appreciate the impact they've made on our team and look forward to potential future collaborations.”

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