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“QTC Recruitment stands for the professionals they introduce”

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When a Customer Care Representative left the team, I was assigned to find a new one. Since we were in a candidate-driven market, I decided to ask for help with finding a suitable professional for this position.’’ Bart Klomp – Manager Sales, Marketing & Customer Care at Mérieux NutriSciences tells about his collaboration.”

Large network

‘’My colleague worked with QTC Recruitment in the past and recommended that I asked them for help with the search for our new colleague. Since QTC Recruitment has a large network within the Life Sciences Industry and is also specialised in the food industry, I expected to receive a diverse pallet of candidates, so I followed his suggestion.

Transparency about candidates

In the recruitment process that followed, there were some candidates who were not as proactive as desired. They were not too eager when it came to responding to the QTC Recruitment recruiters. As communication was of utmost importance in this role, QTC Recruitment was transparent and proactive in their communication with us about these candidates and their attitudes. Also, there was no need for me to chase QTC Recruitment to receive updates on the process. This too made our collaboration very pleasant.

Out-of-the-box candidates

Another positive surprise was that QTC Recruitment provided us with ‘out-of-the-box’ professionals. We were introduced to candidates who did not necessarily have an affinity with the Food industry. That sounds perhaps a bit strange, but QTC Recruitment asked us earlier about what skills the professionals should need. For example, what is the type of communication which is needed?


Because of this QTC Recruitment presented candidates with traits which were important for this role. Looking at these personal traits this turned out to be a decisive factor not only for this role but also for other roles which QTC Recruitment recruited for us. What I like about QTC Recruitment is that they stand for the professionals they introduce and believe in – that is something I truly appreciate.’’

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