Life Science recruitment

QTC Recruitment has a complete portfolio of services for hiring specialist Life Science professionals. An overview of the different options is presented below:

Recruitment and Selection

Life Science recruitment solution for permanent, fixed contract positions. You can choose from three different Recruitment & Selection options, which means you can be introduced to suitable Life Science specialists within 10 days (guaranteed). Guarantee of up to 9 months included! View all options:

Recruitment and Selection

Interim positions

Fastest Life Science recruitment service to get into direct contact with suitable Life Science specialists. Suitable if you need a temporary professional with specialist knowledge and experience in the (very) short term. If necessary, within 48 hours, including guarantee! See the best suitable possibilities:

Interim solutions

RPO services

With this flexible service, you can (partially) outsource your Life Science recruitment process through a framework contract. A tailor-made solution for both small and large companies. Choose which parts you would like to outsource and when. Find out which solution suits you best:

Flexible solutions